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The information below is for kittens without a mommy, or for large litters that have a mommy but need supplementing.  The recipe is adapted from the Best Friends Animal Rescue group.

We wanted to share also information about the Miracle Nipple syringe for kittens.  It is available on amazon, reasonably priced, and has good reviews.  People in AAMC who have used it find it very helpful for tiny kittens or kittens at risk, and those who do not have a good sucking reflex.

You Tube has good videos on how to stimulate young kittens (without a mommy to clean, feed and stimulate them) to pee and poop.

There is also a wealth of resourceful material on  a website called kittenlady.org

Google is useful to look up symptoms or ailments any aged kitten or cat may have, such as feline herpes, dermatophytosis (ringworm) and other possible answers to questions about kitten ailments and possible treatments.