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Please welcome Morgan to the pack 💕

Morgan is a 7-week-old blind pit bull puppy that was found abandoned by the side of the road on Labor Day. The person that found her is a member of Animal Advocates of Moore County NC, and he is her new foster dad.

“When my new dad found me, I was sick from worms and fleas, and my eyes were swollen. I could not see anything and was very weak. The worms and fleas caused me to be very anemic. My dad took me to the Urgent Vet right after finding me and the staff treated me with great skill and kindness. Now I have no worms or fleas, and am in much better health. I have had a good diet, a warm bed, medicine, and a bath. I do not have any diseases. My only health problems are my swollen eyes and blindness. Although the swelling in my eyes is beginning to go away, I will probably be blind all my life and will need a loving and patient seeing-eye human.

My foster home has a nice dog that I like spending time with, as well as cats that are curious to know me. My foster dad takes me places and guides me around the house. He has toys for me and makes sure I have everything I need.

Animal Advocates reached out to us to join forces to take care of me. I am fortunate to have so many humans that want to keep me safe and secure, and take care of me. Because of these groups I have a safe foster home, medical care, good food, and many new friends. When I am ready, they will find my safe forever home.

I am hoping that there are many kind humans that would like to help these groups provide for my care and welfare by donations to either group.”

Morgan’s bills are currently under AAMC at both Urgent Vets for Pets Clinic and Pinehurst Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic, but we will be splitting all of her costs with them 50/50.

If you wish to donate to either organization, please notate “Morgan”❤️